28 Things We Learned From The MGSV TGS 2014 Demo


28 Things We Learned From The MGSV TGS 2014 Demo

Before I jump in, I want to stress that Hideo Kojima has consistently brought the whimsy whenever showcasing his gameplay heavy Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. And the latest twenty minutes shown at 214’s Tokyo Game Show is no exception. Seriously, Snake is like the Tony Hawk of one-eyed, gun-toting, robot-armed ninjas.

Tony Hawk is still a thing, right?

1. Topless Snake is a viable option for missions…. Ladies. This is a relic from Snake Eater and Peace Walker. It’s nice to see it revived here once more.

2. At a mission’s start, players can exit Morpho’s helicopter from either side. Because choice in gaming is always good.

3. You can Fulton your majestic white steed. And though, we can hear PETA marshalling their strength already, being fully candid, that excited ‘neeeeeiiiiiiggggghhhhh’ as its lifted away is priceless!

4. Snake can now rock-climb, cementing his status as the hunkiest Snake of all the Snakes. His arms do get tired though, so it’s best to stop for a wee rest now and again. Also, the option (?) to swan-dive off the wall appeared, but wasn’t showcased.

5. We already know you can order Supply Drops. We did not know that once dropped, the Fulton delivering the goods bursts into flames.
Destroying the evidence.
Because Snake is mad sneaky.
Apart from when he is not.

6. Change those threads mid-level! Another hold-over from MGS3 and MGS4, unfortunately removed for Peace Walker. Clothe yourself as the situation demands. Because Snake is also mad survival… y.

7. You can customize Snake’s prosthetic arm. At least cosmetically. Here it’s yellow. In the previous E3 and Gamescom demos it was red.
Snake’s legendary tactical acumen is only matched by his keen sense of fashion.
And his Diamond Dogs know this.
It’s good for their morale to see him looking his best.
Those last few sentences are bullsh*t.

8. SONAR PUNCH!!! Snake decks the ground with his robo-limb, triggering a shockwave which highlights points of interest around him.

9. Peace Walker’s Analyzer returns. The Analyzer highlighted the specific attributes (Combat, R&D, Intel, Medicine, etc) of any given foe, so you know which guards are worth recruiting into the Diamond Dogs. In Peace walker it was a specific, equitable item, but given MGSV’s penchant for streamlining gameplay, now it’s simply mapped to your binoculars. Excellent design, Kojo.

10. Snake brings blow-up dolls of himself into battle.
To attract guards.
They will pop from excess use.
Those last few sentences are NOT bullsh*t.

11. When you Fulton a conscious or ‘held-up’ guard, the ensuing screams are immensely giggleworthy!

12. You can order a Supply Drop… of people! Here Quiet provides sniper support. Whether or not every Diamond Dog can be air dropped or just named members like Ocelot is unclear. But being in command of your own back-up is a first for Metal Gear Solid.
And a potential game changer.

13. Stare at Quiet in your Binoculars for a friendly nod. But not for too long Snake, you pervert.

14. You can command Quiet to teleport (I think) to specific locations using the iDroid. You seem to micro-manage her actions, without taking literal control of her. Just like a boss might to those in his employ. A Big Boss, if you will. I’m excited by this feature. It forces players to pay attention to their surroundings, learn the nooks and crannies of the map, while simultaneously keeping gameplay onscreen, in real time and without the need for a cluttered HUD.

15. Wildlife has an ALERT PHASE, just like the guards. That is to say they pull a runner whenever Quiet makes with the noisy stampede teleporting routine.

16. Quiet can mark enemies for you – a further incentive to study the map, pick a good location and ultimately immerse yourself into the game world.

17. REFLEX MODE SUPER COMBO!!! If spotted by an armoured guard, while Quiet already has a bead on him, she will shoot the helmet from his head. This leaves you free to deliver a precision tranq round to his face, halting the inevitable Alert Status.
And it’s flippin’ marvellous.

18. Tropical storms will bear down on Snake because he’s not the weather’s big boss.

19. You can smoke for DAYS via the ‘Phantom Cigar’. We know from E3 and Gamescom the Phantom Cigar can be used to transition from day to night, but the TGS demo really takes the piss.

20. There are Shock Troops in Phantom Pain. Heavily armoured and armed. This isn’t exactly surprising, it’s merely confirmation.

21. The aforementioned Blow Up Doll, when accurately tossed, inflates with enough explosive force to knock a guard off a ledge. To his doom. Presumably.

22. TAZER PUNCH!!! Snake has a wind up dynamo arm which can be used to one-hit KO guards. It differentiates itself from MGS4’s ‘Stun Knife’ and Peace Walker’s ‘Stun Rod’ by looking kinda hilarious and totally boss!

23. Synchronized sniping with Quiet and Snake – Arguably the coolest feature in the whole demo, Snake can order his sniper support to tag an enemy, and execute at the exact moment he takes out his own target. Two head shots. One trigger pull. Wicked.

24. The Fulton Recovery System can actually be shot down. Silly Snake attempted to extract a hostage before clearing the area of hostiles. The latter deflated the balloon before it could take off.
Phantom Pain Enemy AI – A step above Destiny’s, methinks.

25. I don’t know if you trigger it with a command or she fires at will once Alert Status is triggered, but Quiet in ‘weapons free’ mode aint nothing to sniff at. Unlike many AI partners, Quiet mows down just as many attacking foes as the player controlled Snake. And he blew up a bridge-load of them…

26. The grass is flammable. Toss a petrol bomb up in there and the flames will spread. I don’t know if they’ll burn indefinitely, or if the aforementioned weather conditions are a determining factor. But evidentially, a well flung petrol bomb can engulf multiple enemies, even as they try to flee. Way harsh, Kojo.

27. GRENADE BULLET SUPER ULTRA COMBO!!! Lacking a rocket launcher or any other anti-aircraft weaponry, Quiet and Snake improvise one of the MGSV’s wildest helicopter takedowns yet (and that includes using an airborne jeep!). From cover, Snake barks out an order to Quiet, and lobs a hand grenade in a high arc, within the helicopter’s general vicinity. At the apex, Quiet puts a sniper round through the explosive, detonating it close to the helicopter. Shrapnel flies. The chopper goes down. MGS fans the world over lose their shit.

28. You don’t need to escort or carry (though why would you) Quiet into Morpho’s chopper for extraction. She’ll teleport up their under her own power. We suspect the other Diamond Dogs might need a leg up.
Especially Kaz.
Poor Kaz.

Hideo Kojima, speaking at TGS 2014, has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be a 2015 game. Anything more specific than that though, we couldn’t tell you…

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