3290 PlayStation games came out in Japan - here's all of them


3290 PlayStation games came out in Japan - here's all of them

During its lifetime, 3290 games were released for the original PlayStation in Japan. That's a lot of titles, surely it would be impossible to collect them all?


Yahoo Auctions user Wmmft148 lives near Tokyo and has no doubt spent years putting this collection together. It's currently housed in 98 boxes and you can see the full contents of each right here. This is a games collection so big it had to be taken outside so he could get a picture of its enormity.

What do you do after you spend all of this time and money collecting every game ever released in Japan for the original PlayStation? Well you sell it of course. The auction is currently live with a holding price of 3 million yen, that around €23,000, which actually seems like a pretty good price for almost 3500 games at about 6 quid a title.

Unfortunately for the user there isn't a single bid right now, and this is the second time the listing has appeared. Does no one want this unique collection!?

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