343 Industries explains why Halo: Master Chief Collection isn't coming to PC - for now


343 Industries explains why Halo: Master Chief Collection isn't coming to PC - for now

Master Chief’s adventures have been sorely lacking on PC, and Halo: Master Chief Collection could have acted as the perfect catch-me-up. But 343 Industries says a PC release isn’t planned…for the time being, at least.

343 Industries executive producer Dan Ayoub explained that the team’s focus is on the Xbox One release. Speaking with Kotaku, Ayoub said that it comes down to resources. He added, “From a technical standpoint, you look at the architecture of the Xbox One and there are some similarities to the architecture of a modern PC. That certainly makes that sort of cross-platform development easier. But beyond that the ease goes away. Master Chief Collection is massive. We have to coordinate four games, 100-plus maps, a lot of new cinematics, and Halo 2 Anniversary."

Ayoub added, “We wanted to do a great job on console. The anchor of Halo: Master Chief Collection is the ten-year anniversary of Halo 2 on console. So our approach was to focus primarily on console as a result of that."

He was keen to pay tribute to the series’ fanbase on PC, many of whom continue to create mods for the original Halo. He said that PCs are part of Microsoft’s business and that “there's almost limitless possibilities in terms of what we can do." But, for the moment, further Halo releases are not expected on PC.

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