35 Grand for Potato Salad - Why Can't We Get Backers for a Cool Irish Indie Game!?


35 Grand for Potato Salad - Why Can't We Get Backers for a Cool Irish Indie Game!?

You guys are a strange bunch.

Right now on Kickstarter there's a chap who posted a campaign with a goal of $10. His aim? To make some potato salad.

The campaign was posted 5 days ago.

It's already earned $35 grand.

Meanwhile, as Zack Danger Brown gets ready to make potato salad with the entire internet (he'll even post you a bite) other projects are basically ignored. And that includes a new game from an Irish indie developer called bitSmith games.

They just want to make a randomly generated smash em up where you'll use interchangeable heads with different powers to destroy all kinds of nasties. There's co-op play and a cool score by Ben Prunty - who scored FTL.

They're not even looking for much - just £30,000 for an entire game developed by 5 dudes. And you can get that entire game for just £8/$13/€10. And yet, with just 23 hours to go the project has foundered at less than half of its total.

The Kickstarter experience is a difficult one, especially for a small company with limited resources who don't understand how the system works. Momentum is the key to success - it's not that hard to get a flurry of attention in the opening days, bringing people back is the main problem. Giving backers an incentive to share can be useful and working on interviews with whoever will listen.

Potato salad dude has another big advantage - he's totally unique. A slew of indie games are posted to Kickstarter every day and they need something truly special or to be best buddies with Kotaku to make an impression.

That said, FranknJohn looks like a fun little game with a modest goal and the team obviously has a great handle on design and presentation. So take a look and if you have a couple of quid to spare see if we can get them closer to the goal.

Whether its a success on Kickstarter or not, hopefully we'll see FranknJohn again.

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