A Mirror's Edge 2 wishlist


A Mirror's Edge 2 wishlist
Run, Faith, Run!
Rumours of Mirror’s Edge 2’s continued development have resurfaced thanks to ex-EA producer, Ben Cousins, tweeting that it is in production. Sadly, neither DICE nor EA have confirmed its existence at this point in time. It is a title that I certainly hope is in development, but there are some elements that I would like to see included or simply tweaked from the first game. What would make up your wishlist if the rumours are true?

The opening level of Mirror’s Edge was incredible. Running along rooftops, balancing on beams and leaping over drops to street level was simply breath taking. And then players were forced inside and that sense of freedom was lost. Everything seemed more rigid, claustrophobic, and it became difficult to build up speed thanks to 90-degree corners. Hopefully interior locations are kept to a minimum or can offer the same challenges and spectacle that outdoor arenas have. After all, very few free running videos take place indoors.

Combat was hands-down the weakest part of Mirror’s Edge. It felt clunky and unresponsive at times, which in itself went against the grain considering the running mechanics usually felt so fluid. A free runner’s capabilities tend to not include hand-to-hand combat or proficiency with firearms, and yet it felt that there was no other way to approach levels at times. One of the trailers for Mirror’s Edge featured armed enemies, but they were in the distance. Bullets pinging against a wall or a ledge as you make a break for cover is exciting; having to deal with a wave of enemies in a heads-up situation is simply frustrating and unnatural.

Replays and theatre modes can sustain interest in a game or even bring new players when they see what can be done. Free running is a visually spectacular hobby and Mirror’s Edge captured that essence. However, we would love to see what talented video editors and players could put together if given the opportunity and platform to do so. While more players are investing in video recording equipment and software, it is important to make things as easy as possible for players. Call of Duty implemented an impressive Theatre Mode, FIFA features a highlights mode that allows players to upload their videos, and these games have been able to foster a culture of video sharing and streaming as a result.

Yes, Mirror’s Edge had a multiplayer of sorts whereby players could compete against ghosts and leaderboards. However, we would like to see more traditional modes implemented. Straightforward races are always fun, especially when you can instantly brag to your online party member or locally based friend. A more traditional multiplayer lobby like this would also allow players to share knowledge and showcase the best way to approach a specific section.

Level Editor:
The community is awash with talent if the likes of Trials, LittleBigPlanet and Super Meat Boy are to be believed. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, and in these cases the sentiment certainly rings true. The creations of the community range from the sinister to the sublime and continue to make these games feel fresh as a result. There is a constant influx of new ideas and challenges for players. Naturally, Mirror’s Edge 2 could benefit equally from this concept.

This could be a source of debate, but I am of the opinion that Mirror’s Edge works best as a free-flowing linear game. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t like for there to be one path to get through the game, but I’m not convinced that a fully open world would work. However, if Mirror’s Edge 2 was to remain more linear, it could open itself up for players to take charge and create their own levels. We’ve seen the level creation process become more streamlined, but then again we are dealing with a 3D environment in this case. There would be considerations to take into account, but Mirror’s Edge 2 could be an interesting prospect for some time to come if this could be implemented.

Mirror’s Edge 2 continues to be a rumour for the time being. We look forward to the day when we can look out onto a white-washed city once more and start plotting our route through the level before starting it over again after realising that we could have taken a particular jump better.

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