Alien Isolation Launch Trailer is a Rollercoaster of Fear


Alien Isolation Launch Trailer is a Rollercoaster of Fear

Alien Isolation seems like a work of rare genius.

It focusses on the daughter of the Ellen Ripley character, who is a part of Alien canon and actually appears in the extended cut of Aliens, however briefly. In this interstitial story, she heads out into deep space to try to find out what happened to her mother - who presumably at this time is in the middle of her 57 year cruise.

What she finds on a ravaged space station is pure, blinding, terror.

Isolation may look like a regular first person shooter but this is all about survival. Weaponry is limited and face offs with the beast itself will usually result in your instant death. There's also the matter of the synthetics who are wandering around - they may be a little bit easier to kill but they're also just as intent on ushering in your bloody demise.

Early reviews have been incredibly postitive and we can't wait to try out Isolation for ourselves. With the lights on and the pause button to hand. Naturally...

Alien Isolation is on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC from the 7th of October 2014.

Alien Isolation Launch Trailer is a Rollercoaster of Fear on
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