All the PlayStation VR launch games


All the PlayStation VR launch games

PlayStation VR is out in just a few short days, and there's a good chance that if you're a gamer with a PS4 you're going to want to jump on board.

Sony has been scrambling to make sure there's plenty of content to consume, and has been shouting about how there will be at least 50 games available by the end of 2016. As for the launch itself, it looks like folks will be pretty well served by a mixture of first and third party titles across various genres to help you get the most of your new headset.

The PlayStation Blog (via Eurogamer) has a list of the games which will be ready on October 13th:

100ft Robot Golf - No Goblin
Battlezone - Rebellion
Batman: Arkham VR - Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Bound - Plastic
Driveclub VR - Evolution Studio
EVE: Valkyrie - CCP Games
Harmonix Music VR - Harmonix Music Systems
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X - SEGA
Headmaster - Frame
Here They Lie - Tangentlemen
Hustle Kings VR - EPOS Game Studios
Job Simulator - Owlchemy Labs
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - Steel Crate Games
Loading Human - Maximum Games
Sports Bar VR - Cherry Pop Games
Super Stardust VR - D3T
PlayStation VR Worlds - London Studio
Rez Infinite - Enhance Games
RIGS Mechanized Combat League - Guerrilla Cambridge
Rise Of The Tomb Raider - Crystal Dynamics
Superhypercube - Kokoromi
The Assembly - nDreams
The Playroom VR - Japan Studio
Thumper - Drool
Tumble VR - Supermassive Games
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - Supermassive Games
Volume: Coda - Bithell Games
Wayward Sky - Uber Entertainment
World War Toons - Reload Studios
Waddle Home - Archiact Interactive
Resident Evil 7 Kitchen demo - Capcom
EVE: Gunjack - CCP Games
Ace Banana - Oasis Games

That's plenty to be getting on with, and a whole bunch more are expected in the coming months including Star Trek Bridge Crew, the fun looking Werewolves Within, a Star Wars Battlefront VR mission and the gorgeous Robinson: The Journey from Crytek.

PlayStation VR is live on the 13th of October, 2016.

All the PlayStation VR launch games on
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