All Titanfall DLC Will Be Free Forever!


All Titanfall DLC Will Be Free Forever!

Titanfall is a year old, which still seems kinda nutty to me.

My odd perception of time aside, the game doesn't seem to have stuck in public consciousness that well despite being a fun multiplayer romp with stompy robots and spry pilots. One great way to get players back in the game is free stuff, and that's the route the developers have taken.

Respawn has confirmed the Season Pass for Titanfall is free now and forever for anyone who buys the game on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. That's a pretty great deal, especially when you consider a new copy of the game on Xbox One costs just £18 on Amazon and you get a nice lot of new content. The Season Pass consists of three packs with a number of new maps in each. There's new terrain to force you to use new tactics and raise hell.

Get free content for Titanfall on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC right now.

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