Alleged Battlefield Hardline gameplay footage appears online


Alleged Battlefield Hardline gameplay footage appears online
EA today confirmed that Hardline will be the next title in the Battlefield series, but we’re getting an even better look at the game if this YouTube footage is the real deal.

The video describes the single player setting where players will take on a role in the war on crime; outlines elements of gameplay; describes the different strategic approaches that players can take; and details some of the game modes that will be available in multiplayer.

Hardline isn’t actually mentioned, but Omaha is the project name of Battlefield Hardline. This could mean that there will be changes before we get an official look at the game.

Multiplayer is once again built with teamwork in mind. “Cops need backup and criminals need a crew,” the video explains. Players will be able to engage in hostage rescues; bank heists; Hotwire which will see cops chasing down players in stolen cars but weaponry is still a large part of it; and Blood Money where cops and criminals fight to secure cash and bring it back to their safe house.

The single player campaign is pitched as "a leap forward" in singleplayer and will draw on Visceral Games' experience in creating a compelling narrative. Included in the cast list are actors from hit shows such as House of Cards, The Americans, and Justified. Hardline takes the form of a TV drama with the story broken into chapters, including cliffhangers. A narrator will also introduce each chapter with thetraditional "Previously on..." expression. Apparently, players will be able to replay episodes multiple times with events playing out in different ways.

Players will be put in the shoes of a Nick Mendoza, a young Miami detective who gets caught up in his own personal struggle between right and wrong. He's the guy in the middle of the screenshot above in front of $9.9 million worth of cocaine.

It is worth taking the information from the video with a pinch of salt. The usage of Omaha means that it’s a work in progress and there’s always the chance that it’s a fake video (though it’s quite elaborate if that's the case).

EA launched the official Battlefield Hardline website and confirmed that it will be unveiling the game at E3 on June 9th.

Update:Unsurprisingly, the original video has since been removed from YouTube. However, expect copies to crop up now that it's shown its face online. We've updated the story with more details from the video.

Alleged Battlefield Hardline gameplay footage appears online on
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