Analyse your Steam library


Analyse your Steam library
Time to feel guilty about those unplayed games.
Lambent Stew’s free, web-based Steam Time Analysis tool allows users to track their Steam library, and how many games have been left sitting idle on the virtual shelf. The tool breaks down your collection into a number of statistics with charts and graphs to boot. If nothing else, the tool could be very useful when eyeing up a bargain in a Steam sale; just take a look at your unplayed percentage and you might find yourself thinking again.

The tool does have a limitation however. Steam only began logging play time data in March 2009, so data prior to this is not captured in this analysis tool. It also doesn’t track games that you may have played and then added to Steam. For example, games such as Half-Life, Quake III: Arena, and FlatOut are unplayed according to my breakdown, but they have certainly seen hours of actual playtime. Of course, there are also classic titles that I picked up in Steam sales for nostalgic reasons, such as the Commander Keen collection, that were played in my youth, but I will admit that I haven’t played much since re-purchasing.

Another online tool, called the Steam Calculator, also scans your Steam library, but estimates how much your library is worth. This is an estimate and is based on current prices rather than how much you may have actually paid for certain titles. While both of these tools have certain limitations, it is still interesting to take a look at your Steam library in a new light. Perhaps it will highlight a title that you simply have to play, or maybe it will spare your wallet the next time a Steam sale rolls around.

In order for these tools to work, you need to ensure that your Steam profile is public. You must also have a SteamID enabled rather than simply a profile number. If your Steam profile on Steam Community features a series of numbers after the URL, you need to set up a SteamID.

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