Another Halo Live Action Series on the Way


Another Halo Live Action Series on the Way
Hail to the Master Chief

Halo Forward Unto Dawn was a live action webseries initially broadcast online and later made into a feature lengthed movie. And it was actually a lot better than I was expecting.

That relatively minor success means talk has resurfaced of a potential Halo movie but in the meantime all eyes are on a live action series which has exec producer Steven Spielberg attached and which no one really knows a lot about - other than the fact it will air on Xbox Live.

Now we've got word that Xbox Entertainment Studios are working on another Halo story for Xbox Live. This will be cheaper and won't have Spielberg involved, instead having input from 343 Entertainment and Ridley Scott's TV company.

Quite why they would put two competing products into development is a bit baffling but at the moment this second series is being comparied more to Forward Unto Dawn - perhaps even acting as a prequel to the far more ambitious Spielberg version?

That's total speculation but with no concrete word on either shows, I wouldn't expect to see much from them until at least 2015.

Another Halo Live Action Series on the Way on
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