Are you ready to break some bones as the Bat?


Are you ready to break some bones as the Bat?
New Arkham Knight Screenshots bring the WOW

Rocksteady ARE Batman.
They made Arkham Asylum. It killed.
They made Arkham City. It killed.
They’re making Arkham Knight. Take an educated guess.

(They DID NOT make Arkham Origins. Which was the gaming equivalent of a Dickhead!)

All Games Beta (source link) has just debuted a plethora of new screenshots, and we’ve picked the most dynamic of the bunch below…

New Interrogation Animation or Special Takedown? Either way, I don’t hold out much hope for that elbow joint.

While Rocksteady’s Free Flow Counters have ever been superb, the melee attacks need work. Hopefully this is the result of said tweaking…

The titular Arkham Knight doesn’t share the Bat’s aversion to guns, then! That armour is reminiscent of the Tiger Guards from Arkham City though…

Just to confirm, that’s the goddamn Batmobile driving on a wall. Everyone else sees that right? Not just me? Ok cool. I’m sensing this is a Riddler DRIVING challenge evidenced by the projection of The Riddler on the wall there…

Oracle’s magical computer powers remain intact then.

The Batmobile ejector seat is The Bat’s preferred mode of transportation. Presumably this will combine with his grapnel boost for speedier traversal… and hopefully some insane predator/combat takedowns too.

Batman: Arkham Knight is a next gen exclusive. And considering how its shaping up, one of only a handful of reasons to shell out for a PS4 or Xbone.


Arkham Knight.

October 14th


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