Assassin's Creed Creator to Showcase New Project Soon


Assassin's Creed Creator to Showcase New Project Soon
Developer's non-compete clause with Ubisoft expires this week...

When developer Patrice Desilets left Ubisoft last year, it's fair to say it was not under the best circumstances. Following his departure, he was slapped with a non-compete clause by his former employers, but that's set to expire this Friday, which means we're likely to start hearing about his latest project which had, until now, been kept quiet.

Desilets is the man created with creating Assassin's Creed for Ubisoft, so you'll probably understand why that makes us so excited to find out what he's got up his sleeve next. When asked whether or not he had been working on something during his "quiet time", Desilets confirmed that he has been, and more interestingly, that he could well have something interesting to show in the next few weeks - potentially suggesting an E3 reveal, or at least an announcement that something could be coming.

Given the nature of the non-compete clause it's difficult to read too much into anything in this story as, technically, Desilets probably can't have been working with another publisher during the window covered by the clause. That in itself means that any new venture from the developer is almost certainly still a long way off - although he's had plenty of time to polish the concept during his down time.

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