Assassin's Creed skipping a year and heading to Ancient Egypt?


Assassin's Creed skipping a year and heading to Ancient Egypt?

Big news in the world of stealthy murder - the Assassin's Creed series might be taking a break.

Rumours are circulating that we won't be getting a full fat AC release in 2016, with developers Ubisoft taking a bit of a breather to inject new life into the series. Alongside that news, several sites are reporting that the next game will be set in ancient Egypt and will actually function as a prequel story to everything we've been doing for the last number of years.

That all makes a lot of sense, especially in the wake of the issues with Unity and the positive step which was Syndicate. A break in the series will give Ubisoft some time to regroup and actually innovate, something which is difficult to do with yearly release schedules, even if the titles are being developed by different teams.

The information has been compiled in a number of places, with Kotaku once more leading the charge when it comes to rumours from a major publisher. They have multiple sources suggesting a 2017 release as well as a possible title - Empire. This could lead into a new timeline for the games, with a major new character who might even appear across a number of titles. It's about time we got a replacement for Ezio.

None of this news is confirmed as yet and Ubisoft won't be quite to answer these kinds of rumours. In the meantime, there's a chance that another propety from the developer could fill the late 2016 vaccum, with a possible release date for Watch Dogs 2 on the way. Expect a reveal at E3 2016 if that's a real thing.

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