Axed Bungie Composer gets awarded $95K


Axed Bungie Composer gets awarded $95K
Fired Halo And Destiny Composer gets damages

Back in May, Bungie fired their long time composer, Marty O’Donnell. Which didn’t sit well with him apparently because this came without cause and ignored the fact he had yet to be paid for certain works and holiday time.

Evidentially, a US court has agreed with the composer as Activision’s newest pet, Bungie, must now pay out $95,019 to Marty O’Donnell. Part of this is to compensate for annual leave he didn’t take (in keeping with a running Bungie policy) part of this is direct payment for services rendered and the rest is basically damages. Because they were a bit jerkish. Certainly O’Donnell and at least one US Court seem to think so.

Naturally, this isn’t a massive financial setback to Bungie and their latest $500m franchise. But with only six weeks til Destiny drops and the Beta disappointing a sizeable portion of its user base, Bungie could do with all the goodwill they can muster.

Pre-orders remain through the roof though, so what do I know…

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