Banner Saga 2 gets new free survival mode


Banner Saga 2 gets new free survival mode

Banner Saga 2 launched a few months back and once more surprised people with its mix of strategic battles and an emotional storyline. There's a console release planned for late July 2016 but before all that desktop fans are getting some new stuff, and it's free to boot.

Survival Mode has just been released for PC and Mac players and it brings a different kind of feel to the game. Instead of worrying about the tale of your troops, this is about going headlong into battle and trying to not die across 40 waves of turn based combat.

That's a very different challenge to the main game, and it definitely won't be easy.

“Survival Mode is something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for a while now,” commented John Watson, Technical Director at Stoic. “This is an entirely new experience within Banner Saga 2. Our goal was to create a fun, tactical game mode where fans can play from a different perspective which focuses on strategy and the hard cost of death in combat."

"We modified how the combat worked from the core game based on feedback from our community and put it through a closed beta to make sure that it was fun. Thanks again to our dedicated fans for their continued support.” he added.

You pick a team and go forth, with any death being utterly permanent - as in the main game. Wins earn Renown which lets you buy more Heroes and also items to upgrade as you go. And you can play it on the hardest difficulty level if you really want to be punished.

Grab the new mode on PC and Mac now. The Banner Saga 2 is on consoles on the 26th of July, 2016.

Banner Saga 2 gets new free survival mode on
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