Batman: Arkham Knight Release Date Outed???


Batman: Arkham Knight Release Date Outed???
Is the Bat is T-minus 9 Months away?

Batman: Arkham Knight was recently delayed until some random time in 2015. You already know this because the cumulative swell of Nerd Rage caused a tropical storm across the better part of Europe.

Briefly sidestepping the fact I missed out on an opportunity there to coin the expression Hurricane Harley, there is some light at the end of the vaguely bat shaped tunnel, as Batman: Arkham Knight is now expected to drop on February 24th 2015. (Previously known as Witcher day!)

This news comes via Microsoft’s online store, which states the release date as 2/24/2015. Obviously this is only for the Xbox One copy, but an educated guess suggests the PC and PS4 versions will also launch then.

My own reservations about the presence of the Batmobile notwithstanding, Arkham Knight is expected to be one of the defining games of this most recent console generation. It might even act as a legitimate system seller for the many who have yet to leap the costly generational span.

In any case, I guess we’ll find out on THE WITCHER-BAT DAY, next February.

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