Batman Arkham Knight will have a huge PS4 install size


Batman Arkham Knight will have a huge PS4 install size

These days, games are chock full of wonderous and beautiful graphics and systems which most gamers don't really have much understanding of, myself included. But one way we can keep track of the increasing complexity of titles is in file size and by that measure, Batman Arkham Knight must be pretty, darn complicated.

It has been revealed that the install size for Arkham Knight on PlayStation 4 is an utterly massive 48.7 gigs. That's one of the heftiest games ever on the system, clocking in above Wolfenstein: The New Order at 48 gigs, and only a little behind upcoming The Witcher 3, which required a full 50 gigs of storage. At this rate, most consoles will only be able to store less than 10 games on the hard drive, less when taking into account the space taken up by save games, apps and the consoles operating system.

Of course, not every title is going to be this size, and you can always uninstall games to make way for newer ones, or install a new HD in your PS4. Another major issue would be the sheer amount of time it takes to download such a title. You can pre-order the game now and get ready to pre-load the files, but its still going to take many hours before you're ready to play, and some gamers still have download caps on their broadband.

At least it looks like clearing some space will be worth it - Arkham Knight sees Rocksteady returning for the end of their Dark Knight trilogy, as Bats faces off against new enemies in his biggest world yet.

Batman Arkham Knight comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC from the 23rd of June 2015.

Batman Arkham Knight will have a huge PS4 install size on
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