Battleborn's E3 trailer packs some serious firepower


Battleborn's E3 trailer packs some serious firepower

E3 gets underway on June 16th, but some developers are trying to get their trailers and screenshots out into the wild early so that they don’t get caught up in all the other news from the show. Here is the E3 trailer for Battleborn.

The trailer shows off a variety of playable characters and some of the impressive weaponry that they’ll use to take the fight to their opponents.

Battleborn features 25 playable characters. No two heroes will play the same way due to the uniqueness of each and the variety of weapons carried.

It will feature a story mode, which will let players team up cooperatively online or in split-screen. The entire campaign can be played solo.

Up to now, the focus of Battleborn has been its multiplayer component. There are three different multiplayer modes: Incursion, which sounds similar to DotA or League of Legends; Devastation, which blends team deathmatch with capture-and-hold gameplay; and Meltdown, where players defend minions as they make their way to an incinerator.

Take-Two has said that Battleborn is coming to E3 “in a big way.”

Battleborn`s E3 trailer packs some serious firepower on
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