Battlefield 1 might only have 5 single player levels


Battlefield 1 might only have 5 single player levels

When a game series becomes primarily known, and bought, for it's deep and dense multiplayer mode the incentive to continue to provide a single player alternative must be increasingly small.

Some developers farm out the story based missions to another team or drop them completely, which is a business decision that must sometimes be neccesary. But the last few years have seen a resurgence in the popularity of well told stories, and blockbusters can't afford to skip the plot anymore.

With that in mind, the early teases of the tale behind Battlefield 1 has looked pretty interesting, not least because EA knows how to make an epic trailer.

Now that looks great, with a number of different perspectives on the Great War. The word now is that there will be five 'War Stories' and that they'll be the entire story mode.

This is a rumour reported by the folks at BF Central but it sounds very plausible and they've broken down the different segments which will be playable.

Friends in High Places- aerial combat in Europe between the German and British forces.
Nothing Is Written- set in the Arabian peninsula where the Arabs are rebelling against the Ottoman Empire.
Through Mud and Blood - set in France during the height of the trench warfare battles.
Avanti Savoia - set in the Alps and features battles between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian empire.
The Runner- the “Gallipoli Landings”, often called the “D-Day of World War 1”.

Now this could well be all the content on offer but if the missions even take an hour or two apiece then the running time will be pretty much in line with other Battlefield games and rivals like Call of Duty. There's only a certain amount of resources possible for the story mode, and if they deliver some extraordinary set pieces it will be a fun addition to the online competitive play.

We'll find out for sure when the game launches on consoles and PC from the 21st of October, 2016.

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