Battlefield 1 story footage- the horrors of war


Battlefield 1 story footage- the horrors of war

Battlefield 1 brings the First World War back to videogames, and this is going to be the most epic encounter yet.

DICE is putting the horrors of war right there on the screen in the single player campaign, and some of the people you play just aren't going to survive. Check out a chunk of gameplay from the mission: Storm of Steel here.

Playable characters dying in a war game isn't a new mechanic but it feels even more appropriate in the chaos of the Great War, where mass slaughter was being tested and perfected for the first time.

It seems there will be five main playable missions in the campaign, covering a range of different characters and play styles including this tank driver, a pilot and some more stealthy stuff. So far it's looking pretty great, and this is just part of the experience as there's plenty of multiplayer too.

Battlefield 1 is out on consoles and PC on the 21st of October, 2016.

Battlefield 1 story footage- the horrors of war on
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