Bethesdsa's Rebooted 'Prey' Has Gotten A Gameplay Trailer


Bethesdsa's Rebooted 'Prey' Has Gotten A Gameplay Trailer

Today has been a big day for games news, with all the new trailers that dropped at last nights games awards.

One of the standouts from the show was the trailer for Prey, from bethesda the makers of Fallout.

The game is based on a space station where human characters are attacked by aliens which take the form of black energy.

The game showcases some really cool features we have seen in other games, but never all together.

This was the game that piqued our interest the most of the lot of trailers we saw, along with the Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy teaser, from last nights awards.

Here is 8 minutes of gameplay for you to take a look at.

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Bethesdsa`s Rebooted `Prey` Has Gotten A Gameplay Trailer on
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