Bioshock is Coming to iPad and iPhone. We Really Don't Know Why


Bioshock is Coming to iPad and iPhone. We Really Don't Know Why

Bioshock was a bit of a game changer when it arrived on Xbox 360 back in 2007. Combining gorgeous graphics with a mature storyline and fun action gameplay, it became a marquee title for the new generation of consoles and spawned two sequels to date.

For those who managed to miss it on its original release, they're now getting the chance to play it again - but this isn't yet another HD reissue, its coming to iOS!

That means you'll soon, bizarrely, be able to wander the watery worlds of Rapture via a touchscreen device, and even enjoy its violent charms on the bus. I can't say its necessarily something that I was waiting for or expecting and honestly I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Of all the games you might consider would make sense for a mobile conversion, Bioshock seems like a really odd choice. The graphics and presentation are such a massive part of the appeal of the game that anything which lessens that experience seems next to pointless. I remember playing the game on a particularly weak PC back in the day with many of the textures missing and it was a less than joyful experience.

Biochosk is also all about immersion, drawing you into the world of Rapture through visuals and audio and nastiness. Even with headphones, the world is never going to feel as interesting on a mobile device. And that's not to mention the controls - IGN had a playthrough which checked out the on screen touch controls. They say they work fine but there's nothing worse than a port which makes you feel like you're not totally in control of the game.

Here's their playthrough.

Things do seem to improve a lot when he picks up a bluetooth controller, which might make people finally adopt those devices. I'd very very curious about the performance on an iPhone with such a cramped screen. And again, I can't really see the reason for doing this. Other than, you know, money.

Speaking of which, I can't imagine the game going for much under 15 quid but its good to know its a single purchase without any in game charity expected. And there's no Android version planned.

Expect Bioshock iOS to release in late summer 2014.

Will you be going back to Rapture on your iPhone?

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