Bizarrely Sexual PS Vita Ad Pulled from YouTube


Bizarrely Sexual PS Vita Ad Pulled from YouTube

We have all heard the adage that sex sells but sometimes that means companies completely overstep the mark.

Take this new promo for the PlayStation Vita which instead focusing all its attention on a doctor whose credentials I think are circumspect at best. She wants to know how many times you've done it today? Have you done it on the toilet? In the garden?

She could be talking about almost anything...

Did our Vita habit need to be sexualised? Moreover, did PS really want us to consider the act that they're leading up to somehow illicit? Add in the fact that this looks like it was shot for about 12 pence (complete with terrible inconsistent lighting) and you really have to wonder how this went from concept to execution without someone stepping in an saying - 'Nah....'

The ad was promptly made private on YouTube, though the comments aren't really that mean-spirited and its racked up close to half a million views. I'm not sure it would make be buy a Vita though - it's helpful to give us a little more of an idea of the games you can play.

FYI - remote play with the PS4 is pretty awesome.

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