Bizarre's cancelled project showcased


Bizarre's cancelled project showcased
The Blur 2 that never was?
Bizarre Creations’ Art Director, Chris Davies, took to Tumblr to show off footage from an unannounced project, which was cancelled after the studio was closed down. The game in question was clearly designed as an arcade racer, as is confirmed when the driver takes to the side of a building in Dubai. Davies posted that the game uses a new, internally-developed engine and expressed his disappointed that the team never got to release a game using it.

The video showcases some action from the Dubai track, which Davies “bloody mindedly decided to keep working on the art” on. Other members of Bizarre Creations helped out with bits and pieces to padd out their portfolios, and Davies finished off bits of scenes using assets from previously completed projects. He noted that some extra touches, such as more destructible objects in the shopping mall, would have been added, but he eventually ran out of time.

Davies said that he was happy with how certain elements were progressing. In his Tumblr post he added, “I was pretty pleased with the way we got the glass looking using a nice normal map to give the surface some imperfections, the smashing effect when you drove on it was coming along nicely too.” He closed by saying, “It’s a shame this thing will never be played, but at least it still lives on in some way in these videos.” Considering Bizarre’s track record, it is a shame that this project never saw the light of day. All we can do now is project and guess at what could have been. You can check out the video on Davies’ Tumblr site.

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