Black Friday deals live on PlayStation Store


Black Friday deals live on PlayStation Store

Black Friday is upon us, and while we certainly couldn't recommend getting into a punch up in the aisles over a really sweet TV, you can get some great deals right from your couch.

The Black Friday deals have just arrived on the PlayStation store, and they're well worth checking out. Highlights include:

Black Ops 3 - €38.99 (PS3)

Need for Speed - €44.79 (PS4)

Transformers Devastation - €25 (PS4)

Borderlands the Handsome Collection - €24 (PS4)

The Telltale Games Collection - €40 (PS4)

These discounts will run until the 30th of November and there are plenty more to be found online. If you want something a bit different why not try the complete edition of LA Noire - a steal at just 8 quid.

Black Friday deals live on PlayStation Store on
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