Bloodborne patch is here - duplication exploit is no more


Bloodborne patch is here - duplication exploit is no more

Bloodborne is out, and its carving itself a regular litany of high scoring reviews. That's something which will please the folks at Sony in the wake of the underperming The Order: 1886, and it should keep PS players happy for quite awhile, especially considering the difficulty of the game.

Last week it was confirmed that an exploit in the game was making it possible to duplicate any consumable item with just a little inventory shuffling. While it didn't make the gameplay any easier, dedicated glitchers could get a little extra help to keep them from dying. But that small hope has been dashed now, as From Software's 1.02 patch has quashed the bug. You'll just to fend for youself from now on.

The patch also addressed other issues, including a major one which was effecting gameplay in the Forbidden Woods. If gamers took part in any multiplayer sessions in this area - either co-op or being mean and trying to kill others in their games - they wouldn't receive a key necessary to get to the next boss. The issue was big enough that most advice suggested just keeping away from the Woods until it was fixed, so hopefully no one else comes up against the problem after the fix.

The 1.02 patch was a very targeted release, with a more significant update planned for the near future with one of the main goals being reducing those loading times - something which quickly becomes frustrating when you die a lot. Which you will.

Bloodborne is out now on PS4.

Bloodborne patch is here - duplication exploit is no more on
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