Bulletstorm is back- remastered release coming in 2017


Bulletstorm is back- remastered release coming in 2017

Bulletstorm was a first person shooter from 2011 that you probably didn't play as it pretty much bombed. Which is a real shame because it had some really fun and over the top gameplay which let you chain whip enemies into the air and spray them with bullets until they exploded for points and giggles.

Oddly enough, it has been revealed through a Brazilian ratings board posting that a new version is coming in 2017 called Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition. It's set for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and presumably it's going to be remastered and stuff.

That's about all the news we have on it, other than the fact that the game will be published by Gearbox. Previously it was released by EA Games and developed by People Can Fly who later went on to make Gears of War Judgement. They had some help from Epic Games as well.

Most of what I remember of the game was a whole heap of silly fun, despite a pretty crappy story and some weak graphics. I also remember running through it in double quick time and not spending much time with the chaotic multiplayer element, so it seems like a pretty strange property to be brought back to life. Maybe remasters are pretty cheap.

Expect more news in the new year.

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