Bungie Reassures Fans That Destiny Is Really Really Big


Bungie Reassures Fans That Destiny Is Really Really Big
And coming from the Studio made famous for snappy 11 mission campaigns, this mean not a whole lot…

Fans are concerned that Destiny, despite appearances, might actually be quite short and small. God knows Halo was… The Beta offered a sizeable slice of Old Russia for Guardians to do their thing in, but according to a recent Twitch stream, Bungie have confirmed that Earth is limited to just this solitary playspace. In addition, apparently Destiny will only offer four such sandboxes – Earth, Venus, Mars and The Moon. Earth isn’t even the smallest destination…

Predictably, understandably even, players are now concerned that not only did the Beta represent 25% of Destiny’s scale, but also, conceivably 25% of Destiny’s overall content. This doesn’t seem like idle speculation either - Bungie have previously confirmed a Lv20 cap for their incoming shooter, despite the fact you can reach Lv8 quickly enough in the Beta. If this is setting off your internal warning lights, I for one can empathize…

Bungie Community Manager Urk (Eric Osborne) quickly jumped in front of this one, expressing the following on a NeoGAF forum,

Oh, hello.

Destiny's pretty big. It's the biggest game we've ever made, by far, and we're sort of known for making games you can play for months, years, and even decades if you're a little bit...dedicated.

With Destiny, we're looking to exceed what we've done before, not just in terms of scale - the Moon is our smallest destination - but in terms of scope and breadth of activities. That's true for day one, as you expect, but it also means we want Destiny to have super long legs.

If we're fortunate enough to have you playing months after launch, you still find lots of compelling stuff to do. That will manifest itself in a myriad of ways, from straight up content to cool activities we've yet to show off.

We think we did a decent job supporting Halo, post launch, but we were only ever able to cater to the competitive set. That left a lot of players out in the cold. That made a lot of the team grumpy. We wanted to do better. So, Destiny is philosophically built support every type of player, and all modes with ongoing activities and events. We look at it quite a bit like television programming, as opposed to a singular film, as we had in the past. We think it's gonna be pretty great, but we wanted to test out a bunch of our new stuff with Beta, to make sure we could flip knobs and levers live, reacting and responding with lots (and, ho boy, did we see LOTS) of players online and playing.

Beta was water wings. Level 8 is nothing. You barely scratched the surface, and it seems like some folks had fun with what was there.

If you did, good news. More soon.

So, are your doubts allayed?
Mine neither! ... And that’s without even addressing how tricky it was to get a public co-op going or how the bosses are ridiculous bullet sponges. But at least we’ll know for sure soon enough once Destiny lands for PS4, PS3, Xbone and 360 on September 9th.

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