Bungie to Showcase Destiny Competitive Multiplayer at E3


Bungie to Showcase Destiny Competitive Multiplayer at E3
The big reveal approaches...

Despite the fact that Destiny developer Bungie Studios was so renowned for its mastery of competitive online multiplayer thanks to its work on the Halo series before it moved away from Microsoft Studios and into a multi-platform publishing deal with Activision, very little is known about the competitive online component of Destiny, the studio's forthcoming title.

That's all set to change next month, though, as the developer will be showcasing the game's competitive multiplayer mode for the first time at E3 in Los Angeles. The news was confirmed by the studio in an exclusive interview with the official PlayStation blog.

The interview also discussed the planet beta test for the game, set to take place this summer, with Community Manager Eric Osbourne claiming that players will be able to look forward to a huge amount of game content in order to help Bungie test the game's servers for potential load issues.

PlayStation owners can look forward to getting their hands on the beta before Xbox players, but Bungie is keen to ensure that all platforms can be tested ahead of the game's September 9th release date.

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