Buy Uncharted 4 and get money off the DLC


Buy Uncharted 4 and get money off the DLC

Uncharted 4 A Thief's End releases around the world next week, and you can probably tell from our review that we think it's one of the best games around.

Fans will be looking forward to loading up Nathan Drake's latest adventure on the 10th of May and they should definitely enjoy that stirring story first but this time there's also more planned content on the way.

Naughty Dog has revealed that a Triple Pack is also being released which will bring more multiplayer content as well as the franchises first single player DLC. That's pretty special when you consider how much time and effort the company puts into the story of the game.

We have no idea what this content will be, though the ending of the game might provide some clues and the release date hasn't been set yet.

We have learned that you can get a good discount off the triple pack by picking up the game from Amazon. You can get £5 (€7) off the pack by buying either the regular or special edition of the game and a more impressive £10 (€13) off if you're picking up the PlayStation 4 console pack. See details here.

Now given that the console special edition costs almost 400 quid, maybe they should be giving away the triple pack for free?!

Regardless, any deal is a good one, especially when it comes to celebrating the final adventure of Nathan Drake.

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