Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PC Version Comes on 6 DVDs!


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PC Version Comes on 6 DVDs!

Games these are big, super big. The upcoming Halo Master Chief Collection for example clocks in with an initial download of over 40 gigs and will also feature an additional 20 gig patch (actually most of the multiplayer) at launch.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is also a weight mother, coming in around 43 gigs on the PS4. And while that's a figure we've kind of become used to for new gen games (and it's not even the biggest) it all starts to get out of hand when you compare it with slightly older tech.

Case in point - the PC version of Advanced Warfare comes on 6 JAM PACKED DVDS!

Admittedly, the Xbox One and PS4 versions have the advantage of being available on blu-ray disks, which can store up to a massive 50 gigs but the PC version is actually larger than that on the consoles (thanks to all those gorgeous high res textures) and will require even more space.

Apparently you also get a download code in the PC box but if you have the rig to handle it and you're worried about your download cap, the PC version might not a bad way to go.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare comes to Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PC from the 3rd of November. That's today people!

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