Call of Duty is Starting a Film Festival


Call of Duty is Starting a Film Festival

You've just done something entirely unlikely and super cool in Advanced Warfare, so you upload it and share it with your measly couple of hundred followers on Facebook. What if your best moments could be seen by more than 20 million people!

That's the prize on offer through Point & Shoot - which is the 'world's first game footage film festival' at least according to the site. Actually, its more about Activision getting you to share your videos from their game so they can get extra traffic and kudos. and you'll get some promotion out of too.

All you have to do is head to the site and upload your vid from the game. There are a couple of rules - like no copyrighted music or cursing. Which rules out a lot of COD vids straight away. The videos should be around 30 seconds max and you should be able to figure out to how to upload from your various consoles or PC. If you can't, you're out of luck.

Naturally there's a tie-in of sorts going on here, with the recent DLC pack Havoc debuting recently which has been heavily promoted using the character of Randall. He claims to be the actual photographer behind the kill cams that we get to see over and over, which is a pretty clever idea, even if Randall gets wearing fairly quickly. That'sRob Huebel by the way, he's been in Modern Family and Horrible Bosses 2.

The winning video right now is My Great Game My Great Capture Clip - which isn't the most thrilling title. But Pamaj has got some skillz...

Can you do better? Get over here and submit your masterpiece!

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