Candy Crush obsession leads to serious injury


Candy Crush obsession leads to serious injury

Candy Crush can be dangerous to your health. One 29-year-old man suffered a torn tendon in his left hand after playing Candy Crush Saga for almost two months straight.

A group of San Diego doctors wrote about his case in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine. The man complained of "chronic left thumb pain and loss of active motion. The patient, who is right-handed, said that he played the game with his left hand while he was doing other things. “Playing was a kind of secondary thing, but it was constantly on," he said. All this playing time added up. He said that the symptoms arose after playing Candy Crush “all day for six to eight weeks.”

The man was diagnosed with a tear of one of the two tendons that extends the thumb. The report suggests that he didn’t even realise he was doing damage to himself because of the “visual distraction" and "highly pleasurable" nature of playing Candy Crush.

The authors cited previous research that found video games could suppress the perception of pain in paediatric patients and in burn victims. But they added that it would be interesting to do more research to see whether various games differ in their ability to reduce the perception of pain.

There’s clearly a balance to be struck. Playing games can help reduce the perception of pain in some cases, but playing for too long could cause injury. And no one wants to admit that they injured themselves playing Candy Crush.

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