CD Project RED won't mention next game until at least 2017


CD Project RED won't mention next game until at least 2017

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is out, its getting great reviews and earning big sales and developers CD Project RED deserve to take a minute and bask in that success.

Instead they're pretty much right back to the grindstone, milling out patches to fix errors with the released game and also working to get free DLC packs out every week. There are also two major new expansion packs due in the future and the small matter of eating and sleeping from time to time.

That doesn't leave a lot of other room, which will inevitably have consequences for their next game, the previously announced Cyberpunk 2077. And so it goes, with CD Project RED Chief Executive confirming to Reuters that the new title won't get much of a look in until 2017.

That means another two years being spent on The Witcher to ensure that the consumers get the experience they deserve. The company has already done a great job of making sure that the important people - that's those who bought the game - are being well catered for, and long may that continue.

Cybepunk 2077 does look intriguing though...

The Witcher 3 has 14 free DLC packs left to come and will also be getting two entirely new expansion packs which you can get for €24.99 in a full season pass. Hearts of Stone arrives in October 2015, Blood and Wine is coming in early 2016.

CD Project RED won`t mention next game until at least 2017 on
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