CD Project RED working on fixes for The Witcher 3 - new patch incoming and more updates


CD Project RED working on fixes for The Witcher 3 - new patch incoming and more updates

So The Witcher 3 came out and lo it was really, really good. But also a bit broken.

We've heard about game killing bugs, iffy frame rates, crashes and quest objects disappearing, all things which are hampering people's enjoyment. But while many games, especially open world ones, seem to be launching with issues these days, not all companies are as quick to respond as developers CD Project RED.

They're a small company with a big fan base and they want to keep their customers happy, so there has been a lot of official communication since the game launched a mere two days ago. A lot of it has come (naturally enough) from Community lead at the company Marcin Momot who is keeping everyone updated on Twitter. He's responding directly to questions like the below, which is very refreshing for consumers who have paid a lot of money for the game.

Other issues are more significant, like people who are losing save games and a delay with the DLC packs for the US PlayStation Network store. They're slowly being sorted, and there was news yesterday that a fix was in the works to address stuttering on PS4 specifically. It has now been confirmed that the same issues are also being addressed for the Xbox One release and that there will be a full patch for both systems as soon as humanly possible.

There has also been a lot of commentary on the text size in the game. The HUD elements are pretty small but you don't often have to see their details. What is of bigger concern is trying to read documents in your inventory or the massed ranks of text you'll find the glossary and bestiary. It's all well-written stuff and actually useful to the game - you'll definitely want to consult on how best to kill the monsters you face in the world - but the font is incredibly small.

And, as ever, Marcin is on the case:

If only all companies had this level of interest in the happiness of their customers.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is out now on Xbox One, PC4 and PC.

CD Project RED working on fixes for The Witcher 3 - new patch incoming and more updates on
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