Cheat once in The Division - get banned for life


Cheat once in The Division - get banned for life

Cheating isn't good for anyone - it spoils the game for honest players (and might even make them consider cheating in turn) and has negative effects for the developer as well.

And Ubisoft is not going to be putting up with it anymore. In a new blog post for The Division, the team has announced that anyone caught cheating will be banned from the game for life. Yep, that's a permanent ban even for first time offenders.

The previous reponse to a first time cheater was a 14 day suspension but it seems those folks just continued with the behaviour when they returned. Now it's going to be a much more serious matter, with players unable to continue with the game.

Ubisoft is also constantly improving its detection software, leading to 30,000 accounts being hit with some kind of punishment during the last wave. The short version is this - if you want to continue playing The Division online, don't cheat because Ubi is always watching.

And just don't cheat in general because it sucks for people who are trying to play fairly.

Cheat once in The Division - get banned for life on
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