Check out the first 5 Minutes of Hyrule Warriors


Check out the first 5 Minutes of Hyrule Warriors

I’m worried about Hyrule Warriors.

Because after five minutes, several dozen downed foes, a couple hundred super-human sword swings and even a mini-boss encounter, Link, the green capped avatar of legend, evades exactly one attack. One.

I understand the appeal of Musou games. I can appreciate the thrill of cutting through opponents like Sauron whomping his way through the last alliance of Elves and Men. I’m on board with the wider notion that these games are more about combo-building and attacking high scores than actual combat.

But seriously, the fact that opponents just line up and wait patiently til they’re casually dispatched by a charged master sword doubles as the biggest barrier the general public have to these musou brawlers. I realize the Zelda aesthetic will make it an easier pill to swallow. Hell, the presence of an all new Zelda narrative will be enough for some people, and that’s understating considerably.

But I wanted to play this because I thought they might actually introduce some challenge, some diversity to that tried and tested, love it or hate it, Dynasty Warriors style melee. And now I don’t.


Hyrule Warriors arrives on Wii U on September 19th.

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