Check out the Leaked MGSV: Phantom Pain Multiplayer Footage Here


Check out the Leaked MGSV: Phantom Pain Multiplayer Footage Here

At Gamescom 2014 last week, Hideo Kojima showcased the dynamism of his new sandbox level design, the intricacies of his systemic Fox Engine, the versatility of his newly revamped cardboard box (yes, I said it coz I meant it) and a brief glimpse at the Infiltration/Tower Defence Multiplayer we can expect in Phantom Pain.

The footage below shows Big Boss infiltrating Mother Base. Which seems oddly redundant given he runs the joint! But it gradually becomes clear, as he shimmies up a drain pipe and snipes hovering security drones that this isn’t his Mother Base. Indeed, Phantom Pain will let you both sneakily attack other players bases or alternatively, bombastically, defend your home turf with your own private army and gun emplacements (and sheep, don’t forget the sheep) at your disposal.

The infiltrator can be seen nicking everything from anti-aircraft guns and enemy soldiers to resource laden cargo containers. Seemingly this is the benefit of remaining undetected in an enemy Mother Base – the acquisition of supplies and HR, though perhaps there are additional rewards.

To the videos credit, it also highlights yet another unique usage for the ubiquitous Fulton recovery system: Here Snake the Infiltrator uses a fulton-ed container as an elevator, lifting him three stories up a structure. Snake’s method of returning to ground level aint too shabby neithers - hanging, dropping and catching himself again, level by level.
There’s a subtle if profound new athleticism to Big Boss in Phantom Pain.

I wouldn’t expect the embedded video below to last long but fear not, a glorious 1080p/60fps version will be released in an official capacity this Thursday.

Check out the Leaked MGSV: Phantom Pain Multiplayer Footage Here on
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