Check Out What Bungie Has in Store for Destiny's The Dark Below DLC


Check Out What Bungie Has in Store for Destiny's The Dark Below DLC

Destiny has been hogging the free hours of millions of gamers since September, on its way to becoming one of the biggest entertainment releases of all time. But for those who might have exhausted everything in the game at launch, the new DLC will be a godsend.

Expansion One - The Dark Below is all about giving players more, and that might even help Bungie to address some of the criticisms of their latest title.

The biggest element to this expansion is a focus on story, thanks to the new character of Eris. She first appears as a new vendor offering up new goods for trade but you soon become embroiled in her story, where she went up against an evil god and failed. I guess its time for you to pitch in and help.

Here's a great overview of what to expect from the expansion, with words from the top guys at Bungie.

A revenge story is always a great place to start for a coherent story, and its great to hear the team is working to integrate important elements like the new Strike into the storyline. It makes the stakes feel more real, rather than the sometimes discrete experience of playing Destiny before now.

The Dark Below also includes new gear and a Light cap that's been raised to 32 as well as a new Raid and Strike to really test your mettle. And that's in addition to extra story missions and secondary quests, as well as extra crucible maps.

The Dark Below will be available December 9th for €20 - or you can get the season pass to get both expansions for a discount.

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