Chinese console ban lift helps Sony and Nintendo


Chinese console ban lift helps Sony and Nintendo
China's decision earlier this week to temporarily lift their ban on foreign-made consoles has resulted in a stock increase for both Nintendo and Sony.

Following the decision made earlier this week by Chinese officials to temporarily lift their ban on foreign-made game consoles, both Nintendo and Sony have seen notable increases in the value of their stock. Before the announcement of China's decision, Nintendo and Sony shares were trading at $17.01 and $17.30 respectively. Currently, Nintendo shares are trading at $18.66 with Sony shares following close behind at $18.25. Nintendo's share increase of 11% marks their highest boost since July 2011, when they decided to drop the price of the 3DS from $250 to $170, resulting in a stock value decrease that they are still fighting to get over. While the change in stock value to either company isn't massive given the history of the industry, these changes show just how much economic weight there is behind Chinese markets. Both Nintendo and Sony consoles were available to Chinese consumers as grey market imports, but this shift in policy has made access to the consoles just that much easier. The major question is just how long this ban on foreign-made consoles is lifted and whether or not it marks a significant entry by Chinese markets into the industry as a whole.

Chinese console ban lift helps Sony and Nintendo on
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