Classic adventure Fahrenheit coming to PS4 next month


Classic adventure Fahrenheit coming to PS4 next month

Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls may be better known but developer Quantic Dream really set their stall with 2005 title Fahrenheit, also known as Indigo Prophecy in the States.

It's a totally cinematic adventure chock full of QTEs and a mixture of very normal day to day stuff with end of the world epicness. You can play guitar for your girlfriend and also have a full on, wall running Matrix style fight with superpowers.

It's really weird, and it's coming back according to this tweet from Quantic Dream.

They had previously teased an incoming surprise annoucement and one of our guesses was a re-release of Fahrenheit on consoles. Given their exlusive deal with Sony since the time of Heavy Rain, it's not at all surprising that it will be on PS4.

Quantic has since confirmed that the re-release will feature trophys and is part of the PS2 Classics series of essentially upscaled releases. It's interesting to see this happening as 2015 saw the arrival of a remastered edition with high def textures and better controller support as well as a fully uncut release - some sexual content was trimmed for the US.

So this release might be borrowing from that, though Quantic has also called out SIEA International Software Development group for their work on the new version.

Fahrenheit is back on the 18th of July, 2016.

Classic adventure Fahrenheit coming to PS4 next month on
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