Clearing Up the Confusion on Far Cry 4's Season Pass


Clearing Up the Confusion on Far Cry 4's Season Pass

Like a great many people, I was utterly enthralled by Ubisoft's Far Cry 4 when it arrived on PS4 late last year. The world was vast, the possibilities practically endless and you could take out a fortress while lobbing grenades from the back of an angry elephant.


Once I got the main story out of the way I was eager for more content, so I sought out the Season Pass and got ready for the merriment. Then things got a little bit more complicated.

The official Ubi site lists the content of the 20 quid season pass thusly:

  • The Syringe - single player mission exlusive to Season Pass
  • Escape from Durgesh Prison - timed single/co-op play
  • Hurk Deluxe Pack - more Hurk with five extra missions and weapons. Same content as pre-order bonus.
  • Overrun - new multiplayer PvP mode.
  • Valley of the Yeti's - new campaign mission in a different region with added Yetis.

It's a decent selection, offering up more of that Far Cry gameplay as well as the chance to travel to different areas. But it's all a bit mis-leading. For example, while you could buy the Season Pass any time since the launch of Far Cry 4 in November 2014, there was no content available to begin with.

I had no idea about this and spent the best part of a month trying to get an answer out of Ubi support - I had the season pass in my PSN account but no content. It wasn't until the Durgesh mission arrived that The Syringe also magically unlocked.

The Hurk stuff is also confusing. While it was offered up to players already as part of a pre-order bonus, Season Pass holders DON'T have it yet - I can confirm (straight from Ubisoft) that they'll arrive as part of a future upgrade, currently undated. And there's no release date yet for Overrun or those delightful Yeti's.

The official communication on all of this from Ubisoft has, in my opinion, been less than transparent, with the result being a lot of people buying a Season Pass only to be left with no content, especially if you signed up in the time after the day one pack and before the release of Durgesh.

I've also had issues finding Hurk in-game and activating my Keys to Kyrat but these issues don't seem to be as widespread as the DLC problems above.

Have you had issues accessing your DLC content for Far Cry 4? Sound off below.

Clearing Up the Confusion on Far Cry 4`s Season Pass on
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