Danganronpa 2 Comes To The West


Danganronpa 2 Comes To The West

Murders and teddy bears - what more could you possibly want from life? NIS America is bringing over the sequel to Spike Chunsoft's popular mystery adventure game Danganronpa. The game is titled Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, and it will launch on the PlayStation Vita on September 2, 2014.

The game will be available to download via the PlayStation Network and at retail stores for $39.99.

You'll play a high school student from Hope's Peak Academy who is continuously thrown into life-or-death situations as your fellow classmates are killed off one by one. It doesn't help matters that the group of students is stuck on a desolate island where you are forced to work together or you won't survive. Each character is the "ultimate" example of something thanks to the unique special abilities they have.

To solve the alarming number of murders the player will have to test their classmates' stories by examining evidence in order to find out who is lying and more importantly who the murderer is. The players will have help solving the case through timing and reflex-based puzzles. There will also be minigames that you can take part in during Class Trials in order to challenge your classmates' stories. But be careful you could be challenged to a Rebuttal Showdown if your classmates don't see your reasoning and want to take you down.

Back in 2010 the original Danganronpa was launched in Japan for the PlayStation Portable. The game came to North America for the PlayStation Vita in February. The sequel hit Japan in July 2012 for the PSP. The series has become so popular that a third game Absolute Despair Girl: Danganronpa Another Episode is being developed at Spike Chunsoft. The third game is supposed to launch later this year in Japan. No announcement on if it will come to North America.

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