Dark Souls gets a Release Date and Trailer


Dark Souls gets a Release Date and Trailer
And come October, it’s going to kill you!
Darks Souls, the spiritual successor to From Software’s 2009 masochistic cult smash Demons’ Souls has a release date. I’m excited. And Scared!

Publisher Namco Bandai has hazarded a rough release window for the anticipated follow up for ‘early October’.

A new gameplay trailer has also been making the rounds, scaring the piss out of players across the globe. I say gameplay, I really mean a collage of brutal deaths in store for anyone courageous enough to try their game. Take a look…

Unlike the majority of titles, which coax potential players in with the promise of enticing visuals, gripping narrative or agreeable mechanics, Dark Souls merely taunts the gaming world, questions its resolve, threatens to crush them with falling boulders. Or stomping giants. Or angry dragons.

Demons’ Souls has been universally acclaimed for the aforementioned traits, specifically its tactical, precision gameplay. Dark Souls has but one thing to prove. And never before, have I yearned to have my ass kicked so badly.

Additionally, Namco Bandai have today (at least in Europe) launched the game’s pre-order campaign, which will see anyone who chucks their name down early for the titles receive a limited edition package set to include the soundtrack*, making of video and a hardback art book.

*The Demons’ Souls soundtrack consisted of a thousand players screaming and wailing as their precious XP slipped down the drain again and again.**

**I’m joking. But I might also be totally accurate.

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