DayZ Breaks 2 Million Sales Milestone


DayZ Breaks 2 Million Sales Milestone
Not bad for a game that's still in alpha!

Despite the fact that online zombie survival title DayZ is still very much in its alpha stage, the game has broken the 2 million sales milestone, with players flocking to purchase the game via Steam's Early Access portal in their droves.

DayZ's alpha campaign went live in December of last year, so the sales figures, announced today by developer Dean Hall on Twitter, are nothing short of incredible. In the short time since its initial release, the game has managed to capture the imaginations of gamers across the globe, with many speculating that a console port could be on the cards in the near future.

The game started life as a mod for the hugely popular online tactical shooter ARMA 2, and its success prompted developers Bohemia Interactive to take the plunge and work on a full standalone version. Given the numbers and reception it's had so far, that's turned out to be an incredibly good decision for the studio, which has seen itself grow in light of the additional demands of standalone development.

There's no word yet as to when the final version will be ready, but if you're more interested in jumping into the action sooner rather than later, you can check it out over at Steam.

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