Dead Rising 1 is coming to PS4 for some reason


Dead Rising 1 is coming to PS4 for some reason

A list of trophies for the first ever Dead Rising game have popped up online- which is pretty weird as the game was an Xbox 360 console exclusive way back in 2006.

If the leak proves to be true, it's looking like the game is set to appear on the PlayStation 4 in the not so distant future. Presumbably this would be as some kind of remastered version, maybe to tie into the 10th anniversary of the game which will be coming up in August, 2016.

Zombie killing never goes out of style but it's pretty strange to be re-releasing this particular game after so much time. Mechanically it's all rather dated at this stage and the graphics would need a lot of work to bring them up to spec, which we're assuming won't be lavished on 10 year old game.

Maybe this is a way to get in some dollars from people who think they're buying the upcoming Dead Rising 4, or just to give PlayStation folks something to fiddle with while they wait for that new game to arrive on their platform. It's an Xbox One console exclusive at launch.

Expect more news on the Dead Rising re-release soon, if it turns out to be true.

Dead Rising 1 is coming to PS4 for some reason on
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