Dead Space 3 gets Kinected


Dead Space 3 gets Kinected
Check out our hands on with the new control scheme
We recently had the chance to get hands on with the latest build of Dead Space 3, which includes all new functionality for those who are keen to change how they interact with the game.

Horror series Dead Space has become one of the most regognisable franchises around since its debut on consoles back in 2008. Through two main games, plus spin offs like Dead Space: Extraction and a slew of graphic novels and home video tie-ins, the universe has grown year on year.

And there’s no sign of it stopping, with 2013 delivering up Dead Space 3 – again from VisceralGames and ElectronicArts.

This time around, protagonist Issac Clarke and surviving companion Ellie meet up with a new character in the form of Sgt John Carver and find themselves on a planet called Tau Volantis. Some ship troubles later, they’re predictably stranded and have to fight to survive while also working to wipe out the Markers once and for all.

The addition of Carver adds one new element to the Dead Space mix – drop in/drop out co-op multiplayer. If you’ve got a partner either locally or online, you’ll be able to play through the game with some submachine gun help. If not, Clarke will be alone and the game dynamically adapts to make either experience fluid and engaging.

Company might sound like a good idea after the deep dark of Clarke’s previous experiences but Carver comes with his own issues which seem to make our regular hero seem sane by comparison. As Carver, the player will sometimes become overwhelmed by madness, forced to retreat inside his own mind to fight off psychological demons. And that’s while Clarke has to battle on alone, with only a shrieking madman for company.

Another new element being added to Dead Space 3 is the ability to play the game using Kinect voice commands. Rather than gimmicky gestures Visceral has wisely opted to limit the interaction to vocal commands – letting players reload or use powers with a shout at their system.

Check out the trailer showcasing the new functionality.

In our hands on, the voice controls worked fluidly – and several journalists demonstrated the games ability to work with different accents. Keeping the word set small and distinct is a help to developers in this regard but it’s also impressive work, particularly as players don’t want any delays when a Necromorph is bearing down on them.

Kinect also gives you the chance to share weapons with a co-op partner and call out to see where they are on the map, giving you extra tactical awareness as you endeavour not to die in the icy wastes of Tau Volantis.

We’ll have plenty more on DeadSpace3 in the coming weeks, including a massive interview with the developers. Stay tuned.

Dead Space 3 is coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC from the 5th of February.

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