Deadpool Dated Preorder Goodies Detailed


Deadpool Dated Preorder Goodies Detailed
The merc with the maps...
If you still haven't had an overload of superheroes, there's one more set to bow on consoles this year.

Deadpool got a bit of a kicking in his first big screen outing, mainly because X-Men Origins Wolverine was shite AND they took a great actor (RyanReynolds) and a character known for literally being 'the merc with the mouth' and what did they do - GET RID OF HIS MOUTH!

That's far from the point today so I'll set my rage aside for a moment in favour of an update of a new appearance for the famously verbal character.

From High Moon Studios (who made some half decent Transformers titles), Deadpool is a third person slashin' and shootin' game which follows Deadpool on a mission to take out a corrupt media mogul, while likely quipping in a self reflexive manner along the way. There'll be cameos from people like Wolverine (who can suck it, apparently) and comic pal Cable and plenty of violence and knowing humour. Oh and Deadpool himself will be voiced by Nolan North.

An an incentive for pre-ordering the game, publishers Activision have just confirmed some exlusive goodies. If you pre-order in Gamestop (Ireland) or Game (UK), you'll get two extra map packs for the Challenge mode - GRT Plaza and Inside the Tower as well as two bonus costumes - D-Opply and Uncanny X-Force. These can be used in the Infinite mode (which has to be unlocked) and tracks your gaming stats to share with others on the internets.

Xbox 360 packshot
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PS3 packshot
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Deadpool is set for release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC from the 28th of June 2013. More as we get it.

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