Defiance Set to go Free-to-Play


Defiance Set to go Free-to-Play
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Last year's Defiance wasn't the massive success that Trion Worlds would have hoped for, but it's managed to keep a pretty active community going since it launched, and with the news that the game is set to go free-to-play this summer, it's expected that numbers will see a major boost.

The sudio announced its plans today for the move to the new format, with the PC version expected to make the switch on June 4th, and the PlayStation 3 version following on June 15th. As of right now, discussions are ongoing with regards to making the Xbox 360 version free-to-play, with the game's creative lead Trick Dempsey telling IGN that the delay between version is down to the fact that "different partners move at different speed".

Dempsey also spoke about the motivations behind the move to free-to-play, acknowledging that it means the company will "make less from the consumer", but he's also aware that many other publishers have taken advantage of their games' free-to-play status in order to gouge consumers for microtransactions, claiming that Trion Worlds "don't want to be that guy".

It's all looking very promising for the future of the game, and if they can capitalize on the publicitiy of making the move to the new format, it's possible they could have a real grower on their hands.

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